Friday, April 13, 2012

Fouga for sale / Sold / Sold / Sold / Vendu /Vendu

  • 1968 Fouga CM170 for sale . 

  • Ex French Air Force aerobatic team with Turbomeca Marbore VI engines. S/N 546 . featured in " Les chevaliers du ciel " 1970 TV series.

  • Pictured in "Le fouga sous toutes ses couleurs " page 49. Reinforced wings, elevators/rudders, pressurized hydraulic reservoir. 12 years inspection performed in accordance with CAH100.

  • All new hydraulic, fuel, oil, pressure & static hoses. All seals replaced on both engines for preventive maintenance. Certified and current in phase II status. Pitot/static/transponder check performed 06/2011. One of the "Real" lowest engine time in the US. Safety of having two engines.

  • The only Fouga flying under the new operating limitations Group 4 of the 8130-2G authorized to fly in TCA group B with no radius limitations, no need to reapply for operating limitations or maintenance program in case of change of ownership and can carry passenger. Date of new operating limitations issued: 12/15/2011.

Dont invest in a project who would take you at the end of a couple of months or years more than this Fouga ready to fly to your airport and more money.

Rate of climb +- 3,500ft/mn with 100 degres temperature at the airport. Better performances than L39 ( Reno jet races 2008 ) . Turnkey operations. Test flight available before purchase and recommanded. Contact Fred 310-497-5356 or send a E-mail

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