Tuesday, October 14, 2014


 This is the airplane in question flying , not a modified picture.

1959 FOUGA CM170 MARBORE II • $85,000 • OFFERED FOR SALE All new hydraulic, fuel, oil, pressure & static hoses. 15 years inspection performed. All seals replaced on both engines for preventive maintenance. Certified and current in phase II status. Pitot/static/transponder Safety of having two engines ( TBO time 1800hrs ). This is the 2nd Fouga ( I sold the first one 3 years ago ) flying under the new operating limitations Group 5 of the 8130-2G authorized to fly in TCA group B with no radius limitations.Date of new operating limitations issued: 04/01/2014 .Dont invest in a project who would take you at the end a couple of months or years , more money than this Fouga ready to fly to your airport. • Contact Frederic Bourdais - SWIFT AIR INTERNATIONAL, Owner - located San Pedro, CA USA • Telephone: 310-817-9904 .

Airframe Total Time: 8112.5 hrs    11.0 hrs since 15 years inspection 03/2014
Marbore II F3 Left engine: Total time: 4613.1 hrs   1373.6 hrs Since factory overhaul   388.2 hrs since French Air Force overhaul.
Marbore IIF3  Right engine Total time: 5307.7 hrs   1272.9 hrs Since factory overhaul   90.5 hrs since French Air Force overhaul
New everything except the airframe
aluminum polished
MGL touch screen EFIS, 2 radios, transponder, GPS.
Ready to soar the skies at 250Kts cruising speed

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Beaver DHC2 at less than a 1/4 of the price : Broussard MH1521

MAX HOLSTE BROUSSARD MH1521 for sale  • •  •SOLD  SOLD SOLD SOLD 1957 Max holste Broussard for sale.6 seats. Engine P&W 985-AN4. The only Broussard MH1521 certified under the new regulation 8130-2G group 2, allowed in TCA B, carrying passengers, no operational area limitations. No need to reapply for new operating limitations at purchase. Certified/current phase II status. Equipped IFR KX155/KI206. 10 years IRAN performed 02/2011. Hours since IRAN 26.6hours. Landings since new 2549. Engine SMOH 841.8 hours. Propeller 2D30, 46.9 hours SMOH. New interior and seats, camouflage paint, Current annual inspection. Pitot/static/transponder check performed 03/15/2014 • Contact Frederic Bourdais - SWIFT AIR INTERNATIONAL, Owner - located San Pedro, CA USA • Telephone: 310-817-9904 . • 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

CM191 or the 4 seater Fouga ( The only one flying in the world) and video

Recent video of taxiing and flight of N8015Q S/N 001
After a couple of years, the CM191 came out of his hangar to be ready to soar in  the sky around Chicago
For info the CM191 flying video link is on left upper corner of the photo

That aircraft have the same components than the Fouga CM170 except the canopy and some parts of the fuselage.

 A lot of room to work around ( Mechanics Heaven )

Marbore VI C engines

And thanks for the help that I had from Larry, Marty1, Marty2, Robert who is living 1000 miles away in Colorado and the locals tenants of the airport to have that airplane ready to fly.

After talking with the owner, the aircraft will be for sale soon, so like they say come early or go on the waiting line because it is one of a kind and parts are available in case of a need almost everywhere.
Here the dataplate:

And the dream team

Video of the CM191 taxi and flight

Saturday, April 26, 2014

2 Fouga under total renovation

We are working on 2 Fouga since a couple of months to be able to have them certified under the new FAA regulation 8130-2G
It is a major work, and was called EMJ ( Major overhaul ) performed every 10 years on Fouga with Marbore II or 3200 hours, and 11 years on Fouga with Marbore VI or 3400 hours.

After a couple of months we can see the end of the tunel

Soon will be the test flights and certification

 Now the aircraft is ready to fly, everything tested and retested

  A perfect test flight for 40 minutes and no sqwak to be reported
   Thank to David my rear flight mechanic crew.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Fouga new generation ?

Reminder of Hydraulic Servicing for the Fouga

After talking with Fouga owners about the servicing of the Hydraulic,
I want to review the procedures:

- First : Start the left engine to have 250 HPZ on the normal and emergency hydraulic systems
            Operate flaps, speed brakes, ailerons boost if you have some.  
            Reconfigure aircraft in a clean mode ( flaps retracted, speed brakes in)

- Shut down the engine and open the small cap on the left, on the main hydraulic reservoir
   ( the big cap in the center is the access to replace the main hydraulic filter)
- Service the hydraulic up to the top of the center spigot that you will see when you open the small cap.
- If you over serviced, open the little valve with the castle wheel on it (lower right hand corner), it will drain   under the aircraft to the normal level. Do not forget to close the valve after. 
- Close the small cap, and this is done.

Never try to check the hydraulic level with no pressure inside the hydraulic systems because when you will open the overflow valve or the small cap, hydraulic will come out of the hydraulic reservoir

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jaguar that we imported in the US

 This is a Jaguar that we imported in the US last year to be in the future back in flying condition

A lot of money and tender loving care will be needed