Monday, June 29, 2015

New Regulation 8130-2H

Now the new regulation is the 8130-2H
Nothing changed about the Fouga

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Olivier vole sur le Fouga et IPad branche sur l'avion


A second Beaver DHC2 at less than a 1/6 of the price : Broussard MH1521

 Max Holste Broussard MH1521 for sale

1958 Max holste Broussard for sale.6 seats. The Second Broussard MH1521 certified under the new regulation 8130-2G group 2, can fly everywhere in the continental United states, allowed in TCA B, carrying passengers, no operational area limitations. No need to reapply for new operating limitations at purchase. Certified/current phase II status. 10 years IRAN performed 04/2014. Hours since IRAN 10.6hours. Landings since new 2543.. Propeller 2D30, 899.9 hours SMOH. New interior and seats, green olive paint, Current annual inspection.
Total time since new:  4461.2hrs     Airframe time: 10.6hrs since 10 years inspection Total landings: 2533. Engine P&W 985 AN
4 Total time since new 2527.3.3hrs / SMOH 636.8 hours.
Perfect compression check and AD's on cylinders performed
PROPELLER 2D30-237 28181 899.9 SMOH.

 All 6 seats Totaly redone in 2014

 Green olive color, all flight controls redone in 2013.
All new windows and windshields

 Equipped IFR KX165/KI209 and KR76 mode C transponder
Intercom 6 seats,....

 Will sell for extra money one a complete QEC (quick engine change ) PW 985 AN4 and  a propeller 2D30-237

 At the date of 11/17/2014 P/N S/N TOTAL TIME OVERHAUL / IRAN
AIRFRAME S/N 143 MH1521 143 2543 LDG 4461.2 TTSNEW 10.6 SIRAN 10 YEARS
Rear wheel assy 4-260 1095 41 3000 LDG
Electric flaps actuator 9GE 7083  899.9 1840
Auxilary electric fuel pump 8065A 4694 1761.5. 2300
Rear chock absorber 4815 4694 708 LDG 2000 LDG
Left brake assy 4065A 1551 2543 LDG N/A
Right brake assy 4065A 1286 2825 LDG N/A
Left brake transmitter 1955 1143 2852 LDG N/A
Right brake transmitter 1421 2852 LDG N/A
Voltage regulator AVH-4 5956 1498 1840
Firewall fire bottle 5 YEARS
Cabin fire extinguiser 5 YEARS
Left wheel assy 3760A 1866    2543 3000 LDG
Right wheel assy3760A 1422    1698 3000 LDG

PROPELLER 2D30-237 7831  900.1 SMOH 2300
Blade #1 6101A FA4825 900.1 SMOH 2300
Blade #2 6101A FA4826 900.1 SMOH 2300

ENGINE R985AN4 S/N 37378  R985AN4 2527.3 TT  636.8  SMOH
Carburator 80-RGS    2369         636..8 1380
Fuel pump AN4100 CE198380        133.7 1380
Right magneto SB 9 RC 3 BB25290 636.8 1380
Left magneto SB 9 RC 3 BB25312 636.8 1380
Starter EU 80 10937        268           2300
Generator 250B 427                824        2300
Vacuum pump 3P-207-5A  78522     636.8 1150
Propeller regulator 1A2G5A 362588 630.6 1380
Electric actuator A4496 337 226.3 N/A
Front spark plugs hardness REV1862 636.8. N/A
Rear spark plugs hardness REV1861 636.8 N/A

Monday, March 2, 2015

1959 FOUGA CM170 MARBORE II ready to be yours

 This is the airplane in question flying , not a modified picture.

1959 FOUGA CM170 MARBORE II • $85,000 • OFFERED FOR SALE All new hydraulic, fuel, oil, pressure & static hoses. 15 years inspection performed. All seals replaced on both engines for preventive maintenance. Certified and current in phase II status. Pitot/static/transponder Safety of having two engines ( TBO time 1800hrs ). This is the 2nd Fouga ( I sold the first one 3 years ago ) flying under the new operating limitations Group 5 of the 8130-2G authorized to fly in TCA group B with no radius limitations.Date of new operating limitations issued: 04/01/2014 .Dont invest in a project who would take you at the end a couple of months or years , more money than this Fouga ready to fly to your airport. • Contact Frederic Bourdais - SWIFT AIR INTERNATIONAL, Owner - located San Pedro, CA USA • Telephone: 310-817-9904 .

Airframe Total Time: 8112.5 hrs    11.0 hrs since 15 years inspection 03/2014
Marbore II F3 Left engine: Total time: 4613.1 hrs   1373.6 hrs Since factory overhaul   388.2 hrs since French Air Force overhaul.
Marbore IIF3  Right engine Total time: 5307.7 hrs   1272.9 hrs Since factory overhaul   90.5 hrs since French Air Force overhaul
New everything except the airframe
aluminum polished
MGL touch screen EFIS, 2 radios, transponder, GPS.
Ready to soar the skies at 250Kts cruising speed

Video in flight 2 weeks ago

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What is the cost of owning a War bird ?

Depending how you view it , a war bird will cost you money to maintain it to standards .
If you cut the price of the maintenance, you will get what you pay for.
Pep-boy  charge over $100.00/hr to fix your car. If you have a problem with your car when you driving,
you will put your flashing lights, step on the side of the road and call AAA
When you fly at FL230 and you have a problem ?....
Be realistic, if you want to own a Fouga and you try to save nickel and dimes.... Just get a Cessna 152.
When you see an aircraft at first site to buy it, nice paint job, the seller open the canopy to look inside but not to touch,  not test fly it but offer you just some coffee or a lunch, this is the tip of the iceberg that you can see.
What is under the water line is usually kept in the dark like: real cost to maintain the aircraft,
can the aircraft be certified, hours on the engines, when next parts need to be replaced, who sell parts, at what price , who can overhaul parts and at what cost, who can work on the airplane and do they have knowledge,references where they received the training and proof of the training received ...
If you are not sure, ask around.
It is better to have a second advise than to be forced to pay 1000'$ to have the aircraft in perfect condition.
Every body time is valuable, so do not try to have a meticulous inspection for free unless you find a wannabe fouga mechanic.
Why lawyers are expensive ?  Because they made studies and have knowledge on the law, regulations...
Mechanics are like lawyers. The big difference is that the lawyer will not sign the release of a aircraft where you will be inside at FL270 flying 300 Kts
If you want to go the cheap way, good chance that one day or an other, your airplane will end in the scrap yard.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Borescope inspection .

After doing a borescope inspection on a Fouga with Marbore VI F2, this is what came to my sight:
Right  engine

And left engine

It was past time to replace the engines.
No oil temp rise,  EGT fine, RPM fine, but combustion chamber out of limits.
Engines was replaced and now the Fouga will continue to fly with no problems

Friday, October 31, 2014

Right oil pressure transmitter

Be careful when reinstalling the right engine oil press transmitter

It can prevent full engine power with the linkage hitting the cannon plug

On a short runway, it could have dramatic consequences
This is the way that it is suppose to be:

Check first full travel of the power levers and perform a engines run